Dave Cuddy for Congress

Dave Cuddy

DAVE Cuddy for congress

A Vote for Cuddy is a Vote for Freedom
MY Mission

Dave Cuddy

A seasoned leader with a diverse background, Cuddy brings a wealth of experience to the table as he pledges to address critical issues affecting the nation.                                                                         

Inspired by the documentary Sound of Freedom, Cuddy is determined to combat open border challenges and the distressing issue of child sex trafficking. “Open borders are not just costing America billions; they are reshaping our culture, impacting safety, and compromising our quality of life, “Cuddy stated.                                                                                               

A product of what he calls the golden age. Cuddy reflects on a time when safety was commonplace, and communities were tightly knit. He attributes current societal challenges to misguided political policies and vows to be a catalyst for change.


About DAve

Dave Cuddy brings a rich tapestry of experience to his candidacy, having served as a bank president, CFO for a Boston dot.com, film consultant in Los Angeles, and presently as a real estate developer in Buda, Texas. His commitment to community service is evident through his leadership roles in organizations such as the Red Cross, Junior Achievement, and more.

Cuddy holds a BA in Economics from Duke University and an MBA from Gonzaga. As he steps into the political arena, Cuddy is poised to leverage his multifaceted background to address the pressing issues facing District 35 and contribute to building a stronger, safer, and more prosperous America.

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why texas

About twenty years ago I saw Alaska becoming a “blue” state.  The voters wanted more government, there seemed to be less efforts to avoid the socialism that has ruined so many other states and countries.  I looked around, and I saw the “Red” state of Texas.  It struck me that the business opportunity, and the political stability was a magnet for me.  I have done quite well with my Texas business, and now I see the real need to help keep Texas red, and to correct the failing ship of America.  I’m hoping I can attract other non politicians to join in my effort, and the efforts of others to same our state and our nation for our children. We could use a businessman in Congress.   We all need to give something back for public service. 


What I Will Fight For

Untrusted Elections, Two-Tier Justice, and Political Indoctrination

Fiscal Responsibility and Decentralization

Immigration Reform and Crime Prevention

Strengthening National Defense

Preserving American Values


Experienced, Honest & Successful

West Anchorage High School graduate 1970
Duke University, BA Economics, 1974
Gonzaga University, MBA, 1998
Youngest member of the Alaska House of Representatives
1981 – 1983

Vision & Mission


The path to reclaiming America is clear: we must prioritize educating voters and fostering a commitment to the greater good over immediate gratification. The prevailing influence of Joe Biden and the Democrats is eroding the values that once defined our nation—ethics, patriotism, historical awareness, constitutional rights, and local governance. These principles stand in direct contrast to Biden’s vision of a one-world government, marked by socialism, fascism, and communism.

Biden’s strategy aligns with authoritarian control, employing tactics such as propaganda, message control, censorship, divisiveness, centralized power, and educational manipulation. His agenda seeks to dismantle the foundations of our Republic/Democracy, including culture, history, currency, and the rule of law. Despite the detrimental consequences of Biden’s policies, voters continue to support him, bringing America closer to his ultimate goal. Reclaiming our nation necessitates a collective commitment to preserving the values that make America exceptional.


Twenty-five years ago, I founded “United for Liberty” (UFL) in Alaska, creating a supportive network for liberty, freedom, and constitutional organizations. Through collaborative efforts, each group nominated a representative, contributing to the collective goal of promoting freedom and liberty. We published newsletters and organized events with speakers advocating for these principles, transforming UFL into a influential political force in Alaska, impacting legislation and supporting successful candidates. Recently, we’ve recently launched a similar support group in Texas, engaging in campaign assistance, group support, meetings, events, and speaker hosting. We’re currently inviting like-minded groups to join us in advancing liberty and justice for all. If your organization shares these values, we welcome you to join our collective pursuit of a more just and free society. United For Liberty.