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Dave was born in the old Providence Hospital at 9th and L in 1952. He attended Inlet View Elementary, Central Junior High, and West High, graduating in 1970. Dave earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Duke University in 1974. While in high school and college, Dave worked in a variety of jobs at Tastee Freeze, an airplane engine repair shop, a salmon cannery, and performed on weekends in the rock and roll band, Enterprise.

While serving as Chairman of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee in 1979, Dave became aware of the urgent need for political change. The voices for conservative spending practices, led mainly by Republicans and Libertarians, were gaining favor with the electorate. While not planning to become a professional politician, Dave thought it was a moment when he could make a difference. In 1980 he ran for the State House and was elected to represent downtown Anchorage. While in Juneau, Dave formed a political alliance with Representatives Dick Randolph and Ken Fanning. The three challenged the ever-increasing spending of the Democrat-Republican coalition. But in that time of increasing revenues, they could not make a meaningful difference. When other like-minded persons expressed interest in running for his seat, Dave stepped aside and chose to return to the private sector instead of seeking re-election.

After serving in the legislature, Dave resumed his career with First National where he led the bank to record profits while serving as its president from 1993 to 1995. While Alaska, with its productive workers, oil wealth and other natural resources, seemed immune from national problems, Dave saw real problems looming on the national horizon, problems big enough to justify a difficult race. He left the bank in 1995 to run for the U.S. Senate. Although Dave lost the open primary to Ted Stevens in 1996, the public discussion for reform that Dave ran on continues to dominate today’s debate and the call for change now resonates across the political spectrum.

Following the Senate race, Dave earned a MBA from Gonzaga University. In order to avoid conflicts of interest with the thousands of persons and businesses he had personally helped to succeed, Dave pursued real estate development in the Lower 48. As stressful and time-consuming as he found working outside while continuing to live Alaska, it was the right thing to do.

Presently Davis is a real estate developer in Buda, Texas. His commitment to community service is evident through his leadership roles in organizations such as the Red Cross, Junior Achievement, and more.